Manufacturing Technologies

Olympus NORTEC® 600D Heat Exchanger Tubing Inspection Kit

Highly portable and simple to use, the new NORTEC 600D heat exchanger inspection kit enables a single user to inspect ferrous, non-ferrous, finned and un-finned tubing with a system that is easy to use and requires minimal training. Read More

Magnaflux ST700 UV Lamp

After consulting with numerous NDT experts and inspectors, Magnaflux is expanding their line of LED UV lamps for non-destructive testing with the ST700 overhead inspection LED UV light, which is specifically designed to eliminate or prevent some of the most common challenges around UV illumination in fluorescent NDT testing. Read More

Opto Diode BXT2-17TF Infrared Detector

Opto Diode Corporation, an ITW company, presents the BXT2-17TF, a single-channel, infrared (IR) detector with an integrated 4.67 µm optical bandpass silicon filter. The high-performance lead selenide (PbSe) cooled device provides excellent sensitivity for industrial carbon monoxide (CO) detection in harsh environments. Read More

Arden Photonics High Speed Automated Measuring System

Optical fiber manufacturers can quickly assess the geometry of their product with a new high speed automated measuring system from Arden Photonics. Designed for production and R&D environments, the FGC-G range delivers repeatable, operator-independent results in less than 10 seconds. Read More

Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science's American Calibration Lab

Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science Americas, Inc. announces that its calibration laboratory received the acclaimed American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA) for their Optical Emission Spectroscopy (OES) product line. Read More

Behlman VPXtra 3U OpenVPX Power Products

Behlman Electronics’ latest pair of power solutions make it possible for system designers to have both 800 W output available, and energy storage for 50 milliseconds when needed for critical MIL-STD-704 performance. Behlman VPXtra™ 800A is a 3U, Open VPX, VITA 62 compatible high-power AC-DC power supply. Read More

New Profilm3D High Resolution Optical Profiler

The Profilm3D provides nanometer scale “Z” resolution for just $25K. Its unique optical interferometric measurement mechanism allows measurement of roughness, precision step heights, and surface finish with nanometer precision and repeatability. Read More

Bruker UMT TriboLab Tribology System

Bruker’s UMT TriboLab™ can perform practically every common tribological test on nano and micro scales with higher speeds, more torque, and better force measurement than any of its predecessors or competitors, plus it introduces powerful new features for improved efficiency and ease-of-use. Read More

OASIS CoreX2 Motorized Rotary Stage

CoreX2 the largest Field of View OASIS that measures multiple dimensions on a part to an accuracy of up to +/- .0002 in. and with the addition of the Motorized Rotary Stage, parts can be rotated a full 360-degrees to get profile images and measurements from every aspect of the part. Read More

LECO PX400/PX500 Grinder/Polisher Series

LECO introduced the new PX400/PX500 grinder/polisher series to their lineup of metallographic products. This grinder/polisher series emphasizes ease-of-use while delivering exceptionally flat specimens to help users keep their metallography lab running smoothly.  Read More

Lapp Group EPIC ULTRA Connector Housings

Lapp Group USA has introduced enhancements to its EPIC® ULTRA rectangular connector housings with new covers and models aimed at the food and beverage industry or any other application that requires electrical connectors with high levels of corrosion resistance. Read More

Baumer MAGRES Magnetic Absolute Encoders

Whether in industrial environments or in rough outdoor use – increases in efficiency, reliability and durability are key. Therefore, components like encoders must meet many different requirements and ensure maximum resistance while being efficient as well as economic.  Read More

Mahr Federal Millimar C1200 Digital IC Amplifier

Several new features have been added to Mahr Federal’s popular Millimar C1200 Digital IC amplifier, increasing its application range and user security. The new functions include dynamic measurement capability, enhanced display tolerance viewing, and password protection for the setup menu. Read More

Creaform MaxSHOT Next Optical Coordinate Measuring System

Creaform announced the launch of a new generation of optical coordinate measuring systems, the MaxSHOT Next. Quality control and product development specialists from the aerospace, automotive, transportation and heavy industries will benefit from the system’s live go/no-go guidance feature for even more accurate and reliable measurements...

uVision 365 Series UV-A Lamps

Spectronics Corporation released the uVision™ 365 series of UV-A LED lamps for non-destructive testing, crime scene forensics, and more. The hallmark of the uVision series is its IP65 rating –the unit can be fully covered in dust and suffer no intrusion, and it is protected against jets of water from all directions.  ...

Mitutoyo Inspection Instrument for Indicators

Mitutoyo America Corporation announces the release of the i-Checker, an inspection instrument specially designed to calibrate a variety of indicators, including bore gages, Digimatic indicators, dial indicators, dial test indicators and linear gages. Read More

Teledyne DALSA Calibir GX Thermal Cameras

Teledyne DALSA launched its Calibir GX series of long wave infrared (LWIR) cameras for industrial vision applications. Built to achieve frame rates of up to 90 fps, the shutterless and small form-factor GX series are ideal for non-destructive testing in applications that include food inspection, parts and packaging, and electronics inspection. ...

Vision Research Global 4K High-Speed Camera

Vision Research introduces the Phantom® Flex4K-GS, a high-speed camera with a 35mm, 9.4-megapixel sensor and global shutter. Designed for demanding applications in the scientific research, defense and aerospace industries, it builds upon the award-winning technology of Vision Research’s Phantom digital cinema products. Read...

Phillips Precision Inspection Arsenal Quick-Swap Fixturing

Create a Lean, standardized process across all inspection equipment with Loc-N-Load™ plates and work holding from Inspection Arsenal™.  Lean practitioners testify that the design reduces the most expensive waste affecting profits – defective parts, excess motion, over production, and waiting… waiting of talented...

Micro-Measurements Wire Strain Gages and Ceramic Cements

The Micro-Measurements® brand of Vishay Precision Group, Inc. announced the global market introduction of a new line of free-filament wire strain gages and ceramic cements, expressly designed for extreme high-temperature environments. Read More