Grob 120TP training aircraft ready for British military use

July 17 (UPI) -- Affinity Flying Training Services has announced that the Grob 120TP Prefect has received Military Release to Service as a British training aircraft, Elbit Systems announced on Monday.

The Grob 120TP is part of a series of light training aircraft that are entering service in 2017. The Prefect will be part of the Fixed Wing section of the British Military Flying Training System.

"This fantastic aircraft offers a step change in elementary flying training capability which incorporates the latest digital glass cockpit technology -- a great first step on the ladder for all our future pilots," Iain Chalmers, managing director at Affinity, said in a press release.

The aircraft will serve in introductory flying courses for British armed forces aircrews. The Prefect has a fully digital cockpit and instruments allowing it to fly in day, night, and instrument lying conditions.

The UKMFTS program puts beginner pilots through Elementary, Basic, and Advanced flight training before they are transferred to active-duty aircraft. Mission aircraft training takes place at Operational Conversion Units for specific aircraft types.

Affinity Flying Training Services is a joint venture between Elbit Systems and Kellogg Brown and Root and was selected by Ascent Flight Training to manage the Fixed Wing portion of UKMFTS.

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