Russia test-fires Kinzhal hypersonic missile

March 11 (UPI) -- A Russian jet successfully test-lauched a hypersonic missile Sunday, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

The Kinzhal hypersonic missile was launched from an MiG-31 interceptor jet, which departed from an airfield in the Southern Military District, Russia's TASS News Agency reported.

"A MiG-31 fighter crew of the Russian Aerospace Forces made a training launch of a hypersonic missile of the Kinzhal high-precision air missile system in the predetermined area," the defense ministry said. "The launch was normal; the hypersonic missile hit the preset target on the test site."

Russian President Vladimir Putin said his country has developed supersonic nuclear weapons that can reach anywhere in the world, and are "invulnerable to enemy interception," during his state of the union address to Russian lawmakers in Moscow on March 1.

The Kinzhal missile is said to be capable of traveling 1,200 miles without entering the enemy's air defense zone.

The Russian Defense Ministry shared a video of the launch on Twitter, showing the jet carrying a large missile.

Kinzhal air system crews have conducted hundreds of tests emulating attacks made from a position of defense.

"Crews of the air system on the testing air alert sorties completed over 250 flights year-to-date under the combat training plan. The air staff has been trained in full scope day and night in various weather conditions," the defense ministry said.

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