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Our passion is helping people build successful businesses and then working with those people to protect their hard earned wealth. Through sound business and estate planning, we help people ensure that their wealth and wisdom is passed on the way they want in the manner that they want.

For the last 25 years, the firm’s principal, A. J. Yolofsky, was in the trenches fighting people’s battles. Before practicing law, he was a Marine Corps officer. He says, “I started my legal career resolving business disputes. The longer I practiced, the more I observed two things: 1) the court process took an enormous amount of time and money; and 2) many of the issues being litigated could have been avoided with better planning.”

If there’s one thing that the Marine Corps taught is that planning is a key to success. Taking a lesson from the ancient Master of Strategy, Sun Tzu, those who properly plan ahead will be successful in all their endeavours. Businesses and people need to plan for the future so that they can maximize their returns, protect their assets, and leave the legacy they desire.

Yolofsky Law serves as outside general counsel to businesses in numerous industries, including hospitality, agriculture, infrastructure development, communications, health care, and technology. We recently completed the organization of a $250M international agriculture investment. Presently, we are advising the establishment of $10M hotel acquisition and renovation.

Additionally, the firm is guiding the creation of an international consortium to remediate an environmental disaster in Southwest Asia. Concurrently, the firm advises many independent small businesses, start-ups, and groups seeking to bring their business into the United States.

We also work to assist clients with their wealth and estate planning needs. After working day and night to earn wealth, why give it to the State with a poor, or non-existent plan? Cross-border wealth further complicates matters as people maintain property in different countries. Thus, we work to help clients organize and plan their financial lives to achieve asset protection and peace of mind.

If you work with us, you will see we are a different type of law rm. Indeed, we eliminated the most onerous aspect of engaging an attorney – the billable hour. All our work is done through fixed fee or as part of one of our membership programs. We believe that obtaining legal counsel is an investment for you and your business. With any investment, ROI is the key indicator to determine the value of the investment. We aim to give our clients a consistent, tangible, and annual ROI.

Yolofsky Law is dedicated to helping people and businesses navigate their legal needs by providing sound business and estate advice. How can we help you?

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