Andrew De Bray - Factum Ltd

Factum is a multi-faceted consulting firm that was founded with one thing in mind: Helping clients solve problems. With our team of expert consultants and principles of quality, dependability, and commitment, we establish enduring partnerships with clients across industries.

Our Mission is to partner with clients and transform their business from within. We realise that for our clients to remain competitive in their market, we must employ our capabilities at the very core of their organisation and ensure they continue to build on a solid foundation.

Our clients range from Fortune 100 and FTSE 100 organisations to mid-sized players seeking to grow to that level. Many of the companies we’ve worked with operate primarily in either energy, healthcare, financial services, or software, but we’ve helped a number of companies outside those industries as well.

Since we’re a consulting firm, the capabilities we offer transcend industry boundaries, though we do of course take into consideration the industry context. Still, we find that sometimes our cross-industry experience is a tremendous benefit for clients in that we are able to apply concepts from one industry to another. This often results in a solution that would not have been possible using singular-industry knowledge.

As for the capabilities we offer, they can be summed up in six core areas:

• Change & transformation

• Strategy & advisory

• Delivery management

• Organisational design

• Resource development & education

• Documentation

Our Thoughts on Winning ACQ5’s Global Awards 2017

Winning a business award offers us a tremendous sense of pride. To know that other people have deemed us the worthy of such accolades makes us feel vindicated—that we have delivered service in a manner that really left a lasting, positive impression.

And for those awards to be UK - Niche Business Management Consultancy of the Year (Healthcare) and UK - Niche Business Management Consultancy of the Year (Financial Services) is all the better. As we mentioned earlier, healthcare and financial services are prime sectors for us. Of course, our current clients know of our dedication and ability to deliver, but now prospective clients can be more confident in choosing to partner with us.

We’re also quite proud of our managing director, Andrew de Bray, for winning Gamechanger of the Year. It’s a tremendous honour for his leadership at Factum, combined with his consulting work, to be recognised in this fashion.

If we can speculate as to the reason behind the wins, we can only assume that our great work has spoken for itself. We maintain a high retention rate with our clients for a reason: Our strict adherence to our principles. It’s something our clients enjoy and appreciate greatly.

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