Paula Ruane - Ruane BioEnergetics

A stress specialist who has helped hundreds of people manage anxiety and dozens of businesses improve efficiency using a little-known treatment, is turning her attention to perhaps the most stressed workforce of all – city workers.

Paula Ruane, who runs Ruane BioEnergetics, is urging city businesses to combat habitual poor time-keeping, an underreported issue that she says is draining the UK’s productivity.

Paula explains: “There’s been a big focus on absenteeism, which is said to cost the UK economy £16billion a year. We’ve even heard about the £9billion lost annually to staff lateness.

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a hidden figure that none of us know about, the cost of employees starting late, leaving early and generally being less productive at work, much of which can be attributed to stress.

“Put simply, a happy workforce is a productive workforce, but employers need to be more proactive in addressing any issues within their teams, before they reach tipping point and the consequences affect a business’ bottom line.”

To help overcome the issue, Paula practices the ground-breaking HeartMath training which enables people to control their heart rhythms and manage day-to-day stress using tools and techniques which are ground in decades of scientific research. Paula is one of only 75 licenced group practitioners of HeartMath the UK.

Working closely with company HR departments to understand any issues within the workforce, Paula then engages employees in a unique three-step system which looks at symptoms and patterns of stress, techniques for treatment and management of emotions.”

So far, Paula has worked with a range of businesses and individuals from sectors such as law, accounting, and healthcare.

Clients have reported better sleep, reduced anxiety and greater clarity, all of which has improved their work.

Paula concludes: “Many businesses may think of stress management as a bit of fluff, an unnecessary expense or simply not their priority. This is particularly the case in the business world, where employees are conditioned to think that admitting to stress is a sign of weakness. However, stress is very common in the work environment, it does affect most businesses and certainly does hurt their profit. They just don’t see it.”