Stephen Everard - Goal Group

Goal Group is a widely acknowledged world leader in theprovision of outsourcing services for global securities classactions and tax reclamation services. With offices inLondon, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Melbourne and HongKong, Goal offers worldwide coverage for its clients, whichinclude many of the world's largest global custodians,asset managers, private banks, pension funds, hedgefunds, high net worth individuals, investment banks, prime

brokers and fund managers. Our bespoke, leading edgetechnology has received ISO 9001:2008 and ISO27001:2013 accreditations as well as certification fromApple and Microsoft.

Founded in 1989, Goal is recognised in the financialservices sector for its innovative and creative approach toproviding solutions to highly specialised niche processproblems.

Withholding Tax Reclamation Services

Goal has become one of the global industry leaders in theprovision of withholding tax reclaim services. The Group istrusted by some of the largest fund managers and banks inthe world to deliver an effective service.

Why is this?

First and foremost, it is a reflection of the considerableinvestment made in developing this key part of Goal’sglobal business. The investment in technology, people andprocesses has helped to retain a large client base as well as

a demonstrably high quality of client service, cutting edgesoftware, strong relationships with the tax authoritiesworldwide and strong relationships with global custodianbanks. Since 2012, client numbers worldwide have risen

by 360%, and the number of reclaims has risen by over300%.

According to Stephen Everard, Goal Group’s CEO, “We tryto be responsive to the evolving world of withholding taxrecoveries. Quality and security are fundamentals – henceGoal are ISO 9001 accredited and now have achieved ISO

27001 (Information Security Management System), whichreally sets us apart from many of our peers and gives ourrapidly growing client base peace of mind that they aredealing with a secure, high quality organisation.In addition, we liaise closely with industry bodies includingthe Securities Industry Financial Markets Association(SIFMA) and the Bank Depository User Group (BDUG) in the

US. A recent example of our work with such organisationswas the launch of the inaugural ‘Made Simple’ guide to taxreclamation with the National Association of Pension Funds(NAPF) in the UK”.

Looking ahead, Goal sees recent market trends continuingto provide positive impetus. The growth in the popularityand prevalence of companies paying dividends, theincreases in market capitalisation and a rising proportion of

portfolios devoted to cross-border investment will all leadto greater demand from investors, fund managers, andcustodians to use the tax relief/reclaim services of expertproviders like Goal Group.

“There’ll be new products and services,” says StephenEverard, “Not only will we look to continue to develop ourstrategic alliances around the world to enhance ourleading-edge services, but we will also be releasing newproducts on new platforms within the global withholding tax reclamation arena.”

Securities Class Action Services

It is now more important than ever that investmentadvisors, trustees and fund managers are able to demonstrate the highest standards of ethical behaviour, financial transparency and strong corporate governance as anintegral part of fulfilling their fiduciary duties to protectthe assets in their schemes for the benefit of stakeholders.Despite this, research by Goal shows that over 24% of

claims that could be filed by entitled parties are leftunprocessed and unrecovered. From 2000-2013, approximately$20 billion in US settlements alone were not claimed by rightful recipients.

Goal’s services in Securities Class Actions enable investorsto recover monies which are rightfully theirs and whichwould otherwise remain unclaimed. Once a claim has been filed, Goal provides accurate, comprehensive and timely

information on cases. Expertise in local market requirementsis second to none, with notification and reporting available in 17 languages – a result of monitoring client assets with a total value in excess of £8 trillion. Goal has aproven track record in delivering global coverage for Local Government Authorities, pension funds, hedge funds, custodians, investment banks, fund managers, prime

brokerage firms, private banks and high net worthindividuals.

Stephen Everard explains, “We support funds and corporateentities which have suffered a financial loss from owning shares in a company where there has been

mismanagement and / or unlawful behaviour. We can helpclients participate in all types of securities class action cases, with a worldwide network of law firms to provide a truly global securities litigation service. Our ability tocomplete and submit claim documentation and then keep clients informed of progress means we can offer what we believe is the leading end-to-end solution in this space.

One of Goal’s sources of competitive advantage is themulti-lingual, online reporting portal, which provides clients with access to:-

  • Daily updated reporting and transparent monitoring ofthe progress of a class action.
  • Alerts of new, updated and lead plaintiff opportunities.Our alerts specify the ISIN/CUSIP codes of the companytogether with the class period, settlement fund andproof of claim deadline where applicable. All alertsissued since 1st January 2008 are available on-line.
  • Robust reports on current and historic activity and claimstatus.
  • Customised solutions for complete automation.
  • Leading end to end solutions, from the client receivingthe initial alert through to the payment.
  • Configurable access and authority levels for users.
  • Stephen Everard believes Goal can continue to deliver"value-add" to clients, “Because of the knowledge we gainfrom our work in Securities Class Action services worldwide,we can keep clients informed about developments in

    corporate governance and fiduciary responsibilities tounderlying clients.

    We have a “can-do attitude” when it comes to clientservices and consider the retention and maintaining ofclient relationships very important. Therefore, we placegreat emphasis on developing the skills of the entire team,

    be it at head office or across the expanding global officenetwork. We will continue to enhance the team withexperienced specialists from backgrounds in global custodyand investment banking.”