Jan Petter - Sissener AS

Sissener AS is a Norwegian Financial Authority Regulated investment firm with approximately NOK 2,0 bn under management in the UCITS fund SEB Prime Solutions Sissener Canopus. The firm is owned by portfolio manager and CEO Jan Petter Sissener and his family. The team behind Sissener Canopus consists of portfolio managers; Viktor Sandland and Jan Petter Sissener and analysts; Peder Steen and Jon Håkon Findreng. Sissener Canopus is an actively managed fund that aims to optimize the combination of high returns and low risk, regardless of fluctuations in the financial markets. The fund combines long, short and derivative positions in both bond and equity markets to achieve this goal.

The mandate of Sissener Canopus is tied to securities trading within OECD and benefits greatly of its flexibility. However, despite our broad mandate we are generally overweight securities trading close to our geographic location, as we can exploit our knowledge and experience within the local markets. Hence, our risk appetite decreases proportionally with the distance to our location. The fund favors securities that fulfils our guidelines of; high quality, high yield, high liquidity and high potential. Nevertheless, the most important aspect of our strategy is never to be bound by strategy. Most of the employees are invested in Canopus and the single largest investor is Jan Petter Sissener. In that way, we ensure that our incentives are closely tied to those of our customers.

Canopus has gained 115% net of cost since it was launched April 30th 2012 with a Sharpe Ratio of 1,67, a Sortino ratio of 1,59 and a Standard deviation of 9,05%, measured by the institutional class. In 2014 and 2015, Canopus was awarded the prize ‘Best Performing Long/Short Equity – Global’ in the Hedge Fund Journal’s annual UCITS Hedge Awards. In 2016, Canopus was awarded the prize ‘Long/Short Equity. Best Performer over a 3 Year period’, also by the Hedge Fund Journal. ACQ5 awarded in 2016 SISSENER as “the investment firm of the Year”, and Mr. Jan Petter Sissener as “Gamechanger of the year”.

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