Rick Hammell - Elements Global Services

Elements Global Services is a leading, Chicago-based employer of record (EOR) service provider, currently operating and supporting customers in over 135 countries. Elements offers companies of all sizes the opportunity to bridge international markets and helps them quickly expand, onboard, manage and pay employees worldwide, while ensuring the business complies with local employment laws.

To do this effectively, Elements has crafted a direct employer of record (EOR) model that allows companies to expand globally at half the cost and in half the time, and saves companies from the hassle of needing to create a legal entity in every country that it looks to expand to As one of the only providers to offer a direct employer of record model, Elements takes pride in providing a simplified human resource and employer compliance solution that allows companies to focus on what they do best.

Unlike other service providers that utilize an indirect EOR model, Elements is able to streamline business operations for companies as the sole EOR. For example, if a company needs to hire in Spain, it would work directly with Elements’ dedicated team to get the job done – Elements wouldn’t outsource any operations to local entities. An indirect model may sometimes require third or fourth party partners to help clients navigate through onboarding, payment and compliance in certain areas, which can cause confusion in terms of communication and delays the onboarding process of employees. The direct EOR model eliminates a company’s burden to register in a foreign market and instead allows the organization to expand quickly and efficiently with one EOR partner, and does away with the potential for several layers of companies between employees

Supporting Elements’ direct EOR model is the company’s one-stop HR, multi-country payroll platform. This software allows businesses to quickly and securely organize data in an easy-to-use system, streamlining processes and simplifying procedures. Elements offers multinational clients a single human resources management system (HRMS) that directly connects with the company’s payroll platform for the appropriate country and related employment and tax regulations. This technology brings together domestic and international employee data into one holistic system.

In addition to its EOR capabilities and HRMS technology, Elements provides administrative services outsourcing (ASO) and professional employment organization (PEO) services. Elements has developed a deep expertise working with hundreds of multinational companies to solve global HR and compliance issues. The Elements team will listen to a company’s specific needs and tailor it’s services to create a solution that makes the most sense, regardless of the size of the organization or where the company does business. Whether a business is looking to grow into one country or several countries, Elements possesses the resources companies require to successfully expand across the globe.

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