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Robin Judson Partners places top performers JUDSON

PARTNERS at leading hedge funds and other alternative investment firms ranging from start-ups to market leaders. We have been staffing institutional, emerging and start-up hedge funds for over 20 years and were among the first recruiters in the industry to serve this market.

Not only do we have a deep understanding of the strategies involved in developing, marketing and managing these funds, but we know the types of people who succeed in this business. We recruit across a broad range of investment disciplines, with a particular focus on credit and distressed research, long short and long only equity re- search, special situations, activism, value equity, emerging markets and Latin American investing.

We have built a network of talented investment professionals but we understand that in looking for qualified candidates we need to look beyond financial acumen to seek out intellectual curiosity, maturity and integrity. We have staffed entire firms and we have recruited at all levels, from the most junior analyst to the port- folio manager. Our clients cannot grow without a strong marketing team and we have a deep network of successful fundraisers and investor relations talent.

Our clients seek our guidance and value our approach. Robin Judson Partners’ success and expansive network of ongoing relationships keep us in the forefront of the industry and enable us to provide exclusive and unique opportunities to qualified candidates.

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