Cox is committed to helping dealers

Cox Automotive is investing in tools for dealers' success, writes the company president in a letter to the editor.Read More

CarGurus aims to give dealers more choices

Tom Caputo, chief product officer at online vehicle listings site CarGurus, discusses new products it will roll out to dealers.Read More

GM big on full electric for trucks

General Motors will skip hybrid technology and dive straight into full-electric pickup trucks, positioning its first entries as niche offerings that market performance or features.Read More

Summit explores truck takeover

In partnership with the Twin Cities Auto Show, Automotive News will hold an inaugural National Truck Summit next March. The half-day forum will shed light on the outsized dominance of light trucks when it comes to new-vehicle purchases in Minnesota.Read More

Divergent paths for top retailers

Lithia Motors continues to expand its new-vehicle store footprint, while Sonic Automotive sold five dealerships and exited Ohio.Read More

EchoPark focuses on shopper experience, F&I products

There's an easygoing vibe inside EchoPark. It's "kind of a cross between a Starbucks and an Apple store," says Sonic President Jeff Dyke.Read More

Tesla plans to build next factory in Berlin, Musk says

The electric-car maker also will establish an engineering and design center in Berlin near the new airport, Musk said. He made the announcement while accepting an award for the company’s Model 3 sedan.Read More

As ID3 production begins, VW rolls out EV app

Volkswagen is looking to mobile phones to attract potential buyers for its new global crop of ID-badged EVs.Read More

Keep bandwidth for DSRC, not Wi-Fi

Moving bandwidth from dedicated short-range communications to Wi-Fi is abad idea, writes an Automotive News reader in a letter to the editor.Read More

Unclear ADA compliance rules on websites flummox dealers

Some dealers, lawyers and compliance experts say the lack of specific federal regulations governing how a website must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act has led to uncertainty over what steps to take to meet ADA compliance.Read More

Volvo sought dealer ideas to spark CPO

Dealers weren't too enthusiastic about the factory's used-car ideas. So Volvo rewrote the program.Read More

1.3 million at ? or near ? Tokyo show

The beleaguered Tokyo Motor Show exceeded its ambitious attendance target of 1 million visitors.Read More

North America powers Honda to a quarterly profit uptick

Executive Vice President Seiji Kuraishi credited booming U.S. sales of the CR-V crossover and resilient demand for the Civic in particular.Read More

Gamble: UAW ?too important' to fail

Acting UAW President Rory Gamble spoke with Staff Reporter Michael Martinez last week about taking charge of the union in the wake of the corruption scandal.Read More

SEMA Show embraces Vegas excess

The annual extravaganza featuring specialty automotive accessories and wild vehicle designs gave auto manufacturers and their partners an opportunity to show off their design chops.Read More

SEMA still a wonderful circus

The Las Vegas aftermarket show brings automakers out in full force, and there were more exhibitors this year than ever.Read More

Automakers build brands with CPOs

Automakers are after the two-thirds of used-car shoppers who are buying from independent and private sellers.Read More

Idris Elba, ex-Ford employee, to star in new EV campaign

Ford is leveraging the fact that Elba in the 1980s worked at a Ford factory in the U.K. before his acting career took off.Read More CEO thinks digital video can lift dealer revenue said hiring veteran auto industry marketing executive Dean Evans will help dealers shift advertising away from TV and onto the Internet, with an eye on improving profitability.Read More

Ontario an alternative to Silicon Valley?

Ford, GM and Linamar have taken a different path to advanced tech centers, investing in Ontario's technology corridor.Read More