Hondas and Acuras recalled again for defective inflators

Hondas and Acuras have been recalled again for a defective Takata Corp. airbag inflator. The recall was announced last week.Read More

VW's 'global footprint' may bigfoot carbon goals

VW's new goal of achieving a zero net carbon footprint by 2050 may require some adjustments in the company's corporate travel habits. CEO Herbert Diess told Automotive News that executives will be cutting back on corporate jets in favor of commercial flying, which uses less CO2.Read More

Cox fights deposition of Schwartz in DMS antitrust case

How much does Cox Automotive President Sandy Schwartz know about Dealertrack's competition?Read More

EVs have come a long way

Electric vehicles are about reliability, performance, safety, cost and environmental impact.Read More

Readers react about family car buying

Readers respond online about feature on the family economics of car buying.Read More

FCA emissions recall could be a high-cost job

The campaign involves the replacement of catalytic converters, which contain precious metals and can be labor-intensive to detach and replace.Read More

Cherish those customer relationships

Customer service is about the old-fashioned work of building relationships, and understanding that is the key to a successful business.Read More

Mazda's CX-30 is a bit bigger than the CX-3

Mazda, racing to ramp up crossover sales, is adding a nameplate -- a rare move for the resource-strapped Japanese carmaker.Read More

KC Auto show boots the Teslas

A Tesla owner is at odds with the The Kansas City Auto Show for evicting his two vehicles from the exhibition. James Ransom says he was told the decision was made by the Automobile Dealers Association, which hosts the exhibit, because Tesla does not use dealerships for its sales.Read More

'New start' for Renault-Nissan alliance

Nissan's newly minted North American chief Jose Valls wants to bring consistency and profitability to an organization that hasn't been known for either in recent years.Read More

Can Ghosn get a fair trial?

Automotive News Editor-in-Chief Keith Crain says the case against former Nissan executive Carlos Ghosn raises questions about the fairness of Japan's justice system.Read More

Guyton to re-establish Mazda's U.S. manufacturing

Jeff Guyton returns to the United States as president of Mazda North American Operations as Mazda rolls out fresh product and targets sales outside sedans.Read More

Freudenberg creates new design culture

Freudenberg Sealing Technologies CEO Claus Möhlenkamp is pushing a new culture of innovation and experimention among his engineers.Read More

Borg Warner's secret weapon

BorgWarner CEO Frederic Lissalde knows the industry is changing beneath his feet. But he says the company has the ability to move quickly to meet customer shifts.Read More

Fix the GAP hole in the Military Lending Act

A resolution on GAP sales was expected in May 2018. Ten months have gone by. And in the meantime, the exposure to heavy losses has only grown.Read More

Sensing optimism -- and realism -- in an evolving retail sector

The U.S. auto dealership sector is working through a period of shrinking margins and flat sales. So why are dealers so optimistic?Read More

Federal-Mogul won multiple piston awards

Federal-Mogul enabled engines to become smaller, more powerful, more efficient and cleaner with a series of eight PACE Award-winning piston breakthroughs.Read More

Service is about relationships

Customer service is about the old-fashioned work of building relationships, and understanding that is the key to a successful business.Read More

Q&A: From car washer to dealership co-owner

Buddy Espinosa, general manager and co-owner of Toyota of Santa Fe, took an unusual route to the top: through the fixed operations side of the business.Read More

Trump asks Barra to sell GM's Ohio plant or 'do something'

"I am not happy that it is closed when everything else in our Country is BOOMING," President Donald Trump said in a tweet Sunday after he said he had just spoken to GM's CEO about the plant.Read More