Honda batteries used on scooters, e-bikes

As part of a new mobility push, the company is deploying a milk jug-sized battery pack for small vehicles.Read More

Train derailment damages new trucks

A 33-car Union Pacific train carrying Jeep Gladiators, Jeep Wranglers, Chevrolet Silverados and GMC Sierras derailed in rural Nevada.Read More

Automakers aim to curb health-care costs

Automakers could look to slash the soaring cost of health insurance by adding deductibles, raising copays or looking again at a co-op pool.Read More

Toyota ordered to pay $15.8M to Calif. dealer

The owner of two California Toyota dealerships accused the automaker of retaliation after he developed software he claimed was better at identifying customers for safety recalls.Read More

Honda hatches a modular EV plan for the U.S.

The automaker is readying a dedicated platform for bigger, better electric cars for America and beyond. It's part of a technology blitz executives just announced.Read More

Thinking small suits EV battery startup

American Battery Solutions CEO Subhash Dhar is cultivating a market segment others have overlooked: battery packs for low-volume electric performance cars.Read More

Hyundai, Kia roll out valve-timing innovation

The Korean automakers will soon roll out a fresh take on valve timing it promises will improve both engine power and fuel economy.Read More

Ford changes mind on diesel Transit Connect van for U.S.

The automaker had made the new 1.5-liter EcoBlue diesel a highlight of the freshened 2019 cargo and wagon versions of the Transit Connect. It was to have gone on sale last fall but never materialized.Read More

Number to watch: 20,584,000

Vehicle camera installations increased 15 percent worldwide last year, according to a new study.Read More

PACE Awards site open for applications

Companies that want to be recognized for game-changing products, processes, business models, software/IT systems or materials are invited to apply.Read More

Ohio banker Mooney joins Ford's board

Ohio banking executive Beth Mooney has joined Ford's Board of Directors, bringing the board's membership to 14.Read More

Tell us more

We asked our 2019 40 Under 40 honorees: What is something people would be surprised to know about you?Read More

Growing use of temps irks UAW

Adding temporary workers is one of the levers automakers have to help curb labor costs, but the UAW says positions should be filled on a permanent basis.Read More

Digital manufacturing: Agile, efficient

Future-minded auto manufacturers know the potential of digital transformation, which is estimated to create $100 trillion in value across all industries over the next decade, according to the World Economic Forum.Read More

Lido's enduring legacy: A better world

So profound and so broad is Lee Iacocca's lasting legacy on every corner of this industry that his death this month at age 94 still bowed heads in reflective awe, some 27 years after he last led Chrysler.Read More

UAW scrambles to save jobs, but layoffs loom

After getting big job-creation commitments in recent contracts, the union is scrambling to keep the members it has now as automakers brace for a possible recession.Read More

Trump hails recent Japanese auto investments in the U.S.

Although the president has labeled Japan's automakers a looming national security threat, he is now hailing them for their sizable spending on "magnificent plants" across the U.S.Read More

Argo?s tie-up with Ford, VW leaves room for Asian automaker

Argo's $7.25 billion valuation and automotive partners with strength in North American and Europe leave open the possibility for a third player, says CEO Bryan Salesky. Read More

Toyota preps $398 million Texas investment for truck upgrades

The investment in the plant, which builds Tacomas and Tundras, would boost its capabilities through the installation of additional robotics and other technologies.Read More

Ford, Volkswagen to share details on EV, AV alliance Friday

Details of an agreement are expected to be outlined Friday after months of discussion between the two automakers on how to share the burdens of investing in electric and autonomous vehicles.Read More