GMC Hummer EV

The Hummer name is returning on an electric truck under the GMC brand. Read More

Honda, with plants offline, faces Feb. sales shortfall

Honda Motor Co.’s China sales are poised to fall as much as 50 percent this month with three of the company’s key assembly plants in the central China city of Wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus epidemic, still idled.   Read More

Lithia CEO: Innovation drives profit

Giving customers more options to buy a car is key to Lithia's growth strategy, CEO Bryan DeBoer said, in an interview with Automotive News.Read More

Volvo rallies dealers on EVs, CPO participation

In an upbeat gathering, the CEO of Volvo Car USA says he needs dealers to be "believers" as the industry shifts toward electrification.Read More

Toyota's ?call for innovation'

The company is offering as much as $2 million in funding to startups as it seeks ideas around mobility and autonomous vehicles.Read More

Mercedes dealers to benefit from SUVs, BEVs

At their make meeting in Las Vegas, Mercedes dealers heard details about factory efforts to further improve profitability and expand on consumer demand for SUVs, while also preparing to sell the EQC BEV.Read More

Honda dealers expect more sales growth

Honda had a record year for sales of certified pre-owned vehicles in 2019. U.S. sales grew .3 percent and executives expect the company to enjoy furrther sales gains in 2020.Read More

SureSale aims to fulfill CPO consumer demand

The used-vehicle certification company aims to capitalize on strong demand for used vehicles as it works to sign up dealerships.Read More

Bring a trailer to get more EV range

A Paris-based startup wants to locate compounds of rentable battery trailers on major holiday routes.Read More

Colorado bill would hurt franchised dealers

The legislation, which is not supported by legacy automakers, would allow manufacturers to sell electric vehicles directly to consumers and cause lasting damage to franchised auto dealers.Read More

GM retreats from more overseas battlefields

GM says it will close the Holden brand in Australia and New Zealand by 2021, and completely pull out of Thailand. The moves are part of the automaker's strategy of focusing on its more profitable markets.Read More

Honda: AI ?almost gives us superpowers' to build, inspect cars

As today's vehicles get more and more complicated to build, Honda is using AI in the design and testing stages as well as in the vehicle inspection at the factory.Read More

Smart, collaborative robots are working side-by-side with humans in factories

Some cobot makers add artificial intelligence programs that allow the bots to refine their assigned task to shorten cycle times, reduce power consumption, speed programming and add diversified tasks based on using specialized vision and pattern-recognition systems.Read More

Tesla Cybertruck

With its futuristic, angular body, Tesla's Cybertruck electric pickup has a polarizing design that could limit sales in a segment symbolic of a rugged, practical American lifestyle. Read More

All play, no work for new Mercedes-Benz camper van

The pop-up camper will be sold in certified U.S. van showrooms, and is a departure from Mercedes' portfolio of work and passenger vans.Read More

VW execs: U.S. BEVs will have ?competitive' range

Audi dealers say the 204-mile electric range of the e-tron has hampered sales because it lags the 250-mile range of the base Tesla Model 3. The VW ID4 crossover looks to change that.Read More

May Mobility eyes ?smart' growth

After two top executives left last moth, May Mobility CEO Edwin Olson says the company is focused on proving its business model as it transitions to a new era.Read More

CEO Beda Bolzenius works to blend cultures

How does a German CEO blend the corporate cultures of companies from Italy and Japan into an integrated global auto-parts powerhouse? The first step is having employees at the newly minted Marelli Corp. work together. Read More

China's auto industry stirs, but still far from normal

The slowing spread of the coronavirus provided some hope for China's mammoth auto industry. But producers and retailers are still struggling to reopen.Read More

Visteon Q4 net income falls, revenue increases

The supplier said new business helped offset industry headwinds such as lower production, launch delays and the strike at GM.Read More