Ana Armstrong - Armstrong Investment Managers LLP

What do you believe are the reasons behind your success? 

AIM is extremely proud to be the recipient of this award, as it demonstrates our commitment to providing a leading UCITS solution for the multi-asset investment product range. Our business has strengthened across the board in terms of team, our distribution network and indeed the proprietary investment strategies we employ. Our strict focus on risk management has ensured we are always well placed to deal with volatility shocks, while still generating returns for our clients.

How important do you believe awards like this to be, both to individual businesses like yourselves and to your wider industry?

In the ever-growing and increasingly competitive investment landscape, investors (and their advisors) face a much tougher task in finding the right opportunities or solutions that most suit their requirements. Awards like this go a long way in helping to establish a connection between the investor and the established managers who are best suited to providing the solutions they are seeking.

Please give us a brief overview of Armstrong Investment Managers LLP, your clients and the services you offer?

AIM is a FCA regulated asset manager, which is focused on providing structured financial solutions to a diverse international client base. AIM has an in-house team of award winning fund managers and analysts that create excellent results for our clients. Our focus is to ensure that whatever solutions we provide to clients, that these solutions achieve a practical, successful and sustainable financial result for the future. Our team is expertly managed by Dr.

Ana Cukic Armstrong, an investment professional with over 20 years of financial institutional experience. With her leadership, the Armstrong team strives

  • Structured solutions to increase liquidity for existing portfolios
  • Liquidity solutions to private equity investors
  • Access to an existing Multi Asset fund, an award Global Macro fund and a UK OEIC
  • Funds to an Irish UCITS/QIAIF platform onshore
  • Segregated managed accounts

While working on a fund, what measures do you take to ensure that it performs to its full potential and beyond?

AIM start with the risk budget of a fund. The weight of each position is determined on the basis of the level of conviction and its marginal contribution to risk. Risk is used interactively in portfolio construction. We apply the quantitative models that we have been developing over the last 20 years to identify

  • The pursuit of excellence requires significant investment in human capital.
  • The interaction of model driven trade and discretionary beliefs is the key to long run out-performance.
  • Peer reviewed research and development are required to identify strategic opportunities.
  • Our investment mantra allocates between contrarian and trend following strategies, value/growth and carry investing, within and across asset classes.
  • Inflation is the ultimate destroyer of long-run purchasing power. Real diversification is a key component of our investment beliefs.

While working in an industry that is constantly changing, what measures do you to ensure that you are at the forefront of any emerging developments and trends?

AIM work closely with academic developments and concepts that involve the asset allocation, quantitative modelling, risk premia, portfolio construction

  • Cross-sectional momentum (across US, UK and EU equities)
  • Time-series momentum (across FX, Commodities and EQ Index futures)
  • Carry (within FX and Commodities futures markets)

These strategies have delivered a robust return during the recent market sell-off.

What makes your firm unique? How do you distinguish yourselves from your competitors, and present yourselves as an exclusive option for your clients?

AIM’s experience and expertise has allowed us to remain flexible and open to the requirements of all investors. Our knowledge of UCITS products puts us ahead of the increasing number of firms who are rushing to provide similar solutions. Dr. Ana Armstrong’s core strengths in asset allocation and risk management, developed over 20 years, provide clients with the assurances they need that their capital is protected and managed to the highest standard.

Tell us about the culture within your company and the things you do to maintain and develop it. How does it influence your interactions with and results achieved for your clients?

Dr Armstrong has fostered an environment of collaboration and knowledge sharing across functions, where each individual brings different expertise to the each of the investment, operational and distribution efforts. The variety of background and strengths ensures a diversified outlook is utilised when filtering towards each decision, but crucially also significantly lowers any key-person operational risks in the company.

What have been the most prevalent trends in your industry over the past 12 months?

The robust portfolio solutions will focus on cross sectional models that are long and short different market segments. Asset allocation calls are increasingly difficult to make and there has clearly been an increase in the demand for multi asset products that can invest across different asset classes.

  • Further development of intellectual property, focusing on quantitative and empirically tested investment models.
  • Expansion to other markets including the Middle East and Asia.