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Netmera is a mobile engagement platform which enables app marketers to create a wide range of cross channel marketing campaigns. Moreover, the platform allows digital marketers to have easy access to advanced campaigns, analytics and reporting capabilities.

As Netmera, we always aim to provide innovative and omni-channel communication solutions to drive engagement with many options, in order organizations to target both web and app users. With Netmera’s alternative marketing solutions companies can reach, re- engage and retain customers while monetizing their web and mobile audience.

Netmera not only offers innovative features; but also provides exclusive industry specific know-how that enables enterprises to gain more efficient, more targeted and more convenient insights, recommendations, reports and analysis; tailor made for their business needs. That being the case, Netmera offers a significant expertize in some major industries such as E-Commerce, Retail, Telco, Finance and Media verticals.

Supporting a wide range of clients (Akbank, Turkcell, Vodafone, Turk Telekom, Starbucks, N11, Morhipo, Migros, Flo, Yell, Bloomberg, Habertürk and Fanatik to name a few) in these industries, we work hard to ensure that our clients receive the support and service they need.

Here at Netmera, our mission is to enable businesses to touch their customers at the right time, with the right content, at the right place. We first started our journey as a mobile app platform but later realized that our customers’ main problem was creating engaged and loyal customers. We paid attention to to every feedback, built solutions that answer tomorrows’ needs according to every client’s industry and customer base.

Now, within our platform, you can collect information about your users from every channel, divide them into different segments, target them by using every bit of information you have, you can sense their context by listening to their behaviours plus location, and give them right content from their primary channel through push notifications, pop-ups, web push notifications and transactional SMS.

Within the wider mobile technology market there have been many exciting changes recently. With the recent changes in regulations, SMS and email channels became secondary contact points. Many brands now prefer push notifications as their main contact point. Now, the customer has more power in opt-in and opt-out mechanisms. It is as easy as going to the control center of your mobile phone and pressing a button. With this, targeting became more important. If the customer finds you irrelevant, they opt out.

As such, firms such Netmera have to work hard to ensure that they support their clients and ensure that their message comes across. To achieve this, growth will be the company’s core focus as it looks towards the future. Looking ahead, our core aim is to make our brand global. We currently have offices in İstanbul, London and Dubai, and moving forward we want to go further and reach out to new markets.

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