Lucyna Baca-Lonn - Graphology Solutions Group

1. Could you present your firm, the work you provide and the types of clients with whom you work.

Graphology Solutions Group operates on the European market since 2008 and supports leaders in personal growth, personnel selection processes and optimization of corporate processes and efficiency. We provide leadership development programs for the leaders both from business and political sectors. Our customers include Business Owners, Presidents, Managing Directors, Board Members, Directors of the companies and well-known politicians. We master their accurate, constructive thinking achieved through mental engineering that leads to high quality thinking patterns determining success of the organization. Leadership development programs we offer, secure excellence of leadership skills and personal growth of our clients. To comfort the needs of the leaders we work with them both personally and on-line according to their preferences. The uniqueness of application of graphological analysis and scientific assessment methods in leadership development programs and leadership selection processes is a quality that distinguishes Graphology Solutions Group on the market of personal growth industry. Our solutions to optimize corporate processes are time, cost and energy frugal.

2. What steps do you take to ensure that the outcome of your projects meets your clients’ expectations and requirements?

Graphology Solutions Group approaches every client with the highest respect, diligence and focus. An individual approach to our client’s needs and expectations determine a structure of business solutions proposed. We pay a special attention to a mission of our clients as it summaries a value system and organizational culture of our prospects. We propose win-win solutions to our clients as such proposals can meet needs of all parties involved in the project and secure the highest quality of the projects’ completion.

3. How would you define the internal culture of your firm, and how do you cultivate it to ensure clients receive the best possible consultation from all your team members?

We build the internal culture of Graphology Solutions Group on the abundance mentality and application of the four intelligences of great achievers with a focus on vision, discipline, passion and conscience. It is a value based internal culture, which unites individuals who share similar values system and life perspective. Moreover, we apply a model of execution excellence built upon four core processes: alignment, automatization, action and adaptation in our company. We believe that such an internal culture leads to the best possible consultations from Graphology Solutions Group for our clients.

4. What distinguishing your firm from other companies and marks you out as the best option for your clients?

Graphology Solutions Group provides an excellent value for our clients based on abundance mentality and consciousness. We give willingly to our customers, we embrace their change, we exude joy and happiness towards the environment and we take inspired action supporting our clients in their personal growth and development. We secure both horizontal and vertical growth of our customers. We combine practice with scientific findings and the uniqueness of graphological consultancies and that makes us the best option for our clients.

5. What is the future for your business? Are there any projects or plans you would be willing to share with us?

Being the founder and Managing Director of Graphology Solutions Group entitles me to create a vision of my company and define its strategy. I can see it prospering on international markets and providing the value for the leaders of different industries and nationalities. I feel privileged to support our clients in their precious work towards excellence and constant growth. Enhancement of corporate business processes accords with the leaders’ development as it is a consequence of their growth.

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