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International Professional GAUGE Development (IPGD PLC.) is an Information Technology Company specialized in providing Business Intelligence Management Solutions, Business Continuity Management Systems (BCMS) and consulting Services to its clients with a focus on business automation. The company provides products and services that range from setting strategies to a completely integrated business management solution implementation.

IT organizations are continuously faced with providing greater services, an expanding base of workloads and seemingly higher degrees of quality service, they are also challenged with constrained budgets and overburdened staff. In response, Gauge seeks efficiencies in delivering the best qualified operations and shift to a more agile system, flexible enough to adapt to future changes in the business.
GAUGE provides Leadership & Guidance to minimize project risks Step up implementation Progress and Increase the success & value of the customer ERP project initiatives.
Armed with a group of free-spirited and disciplined leading professionals, International Professional GAUGE Development (IPGD PLC.) is able to leverage an unprecedented sphere of \ intellectual knowledge space to the Middle East business community.

During a period recognized as the launch of the computer age worldwide, International Professional GAUGE Development (IPGD PLC.) has placed a particular emphasis on this technology and established a strong new path in IT technology for production control systems, on-line cost accounting and process life cycle solutions.

Our successful journey goes through the latest international standards; Capability Maturity Model, Total Quality Management, Quality Management Systems, Business Continuity management Systems, Program Management Institute, Software Development Life Cycle, Management Information Systems, International Standard Organization, Information Technology Infrastructure Library and Infrastructure & Application Management paths in which we have enjoyed great recognition for our know-how, hands-on expertise and innovation.

International Professional GAUGE Development (IPGD PLC.) designs, develops, rebuilds and integrates applications for a single entity and up to a complete solution enabling automatic/dynamic management and publishing of services, aggregating data and establishing a management information system, which results in optimizing expenditure, reduced costs, controlled revenues and achieving excellence more quickly and accurately than traditional techniques.

Along with our smart products and quality services;
International Professional GAUGE Development (IPGD PLC.) partners with IT leaders and & innovators holding extensive expertise and proven track records to provide right fit solutions. Surrounding our customers with quality services and training programs to all managerial levels. We are also committed to constant research and development in order to keep our customers on par with up-to-date and effective solutions.
International Professional GAUGE Development (IPGD PLC.) success is based on the consistent approach of working closely with its clients based on partnership, transparency and interactive skill transfer approach; using standard proven quality assurance and project management methods to ensure clear expectations, on-time delivery and pro- vide cost effective solutions with the most return at minimal risk.

To become the business intelligence management solution partner of growth and success with continuous process improvement.

Provide Middle East market with integrated business intelligence management solutions to address business Continuity & challenges and ambitious growth.


  • Strive to deliver the most value to our clients
  • Partner with our clients and help them become more successful
  • No compromise on quality of services delivered to our clients
  • Commit only what is within our capacity to deliver
  • Employ, retain and grow top IT skilled professionals.


1 - Our Various Solutions:

  • Gauge offers an effective business performance monitoring, in addition to effective decision support by integrating a central source of management data for financial reporting, analysis, budgeting, and planning. “Decision-making requires precise info to be accessed from anywhere at the right time”.
  • Effective processing, tracking and monitoring of electronic transactions to create transparency. This is accomplished by automating management approval cycles to ensure management involvement (i.e. establishing detective/preventive measures) aswell as increasing the enterprise ability to better understand exposures and improvement opportunities, along with operational excellence. Precision and operational excellence are the enterprises’ key to retain customers and grow it’s market share.
  • Gauge analyzes the behaviour of the enterprises’ customers, employees, products and services across the enterprise, from every view; past and present empowering the organization to act with precision and confidence.
  • Enhance and streamline enterprises business practices by providing comprehensive industry standard workflow-based operational management solution, a solution that extends horizontally across the enterprise business functions and vertically throughout the supply chain.
  • Enhance time reporting processes, and financial planning capabilities, optimize annual spend, Lower total cost of goods / services, and avoid budget overruns.

Making a Big Difference:

Gauge’s unique methodology and superior process helps in transforming the clients business to stay competitive, and attain the maximum results. We always work closely with our clients to understand them better and to achieve the objectives perfectly.

  • ERP systems have grown rapidly, in terms of their relative importance in the market and in terms of their adoption by large organizations and even by small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • Numerous cases of ERP projects failure have been documented; this leads us to the question:

Why Gauge can be qualified as a successful Enterprise system?

  • Gauge can be defined as an adaptable, advanced and evolutive ERP system, as its characteristics and functions have regrouped under three dimensions in regards to their nature; General Functions, Organizational functions and Technical functions.
  • Gauge features with its usage of unique system dynamics, and thus, it is distinguished by having and implementing the main approaches of system dynamics; feedback loops, stocks and flows.
  • Gauge in general, has both a default and customized behaviour, which facilitates its usage and illustrates its adaptation to the various customizations and demands of clients. Gauge has the ability to create a system profile for each user, integrated with certain authorities and securities.
  • We have built various dynamics and statistics security features for forms and users, in terms of actions capabilities and fixed limitations. Gauge allows users to exist in the same group and yet grant them different authorities.
  • Gauge users have the ability to control various aspects and specifications for every form in the system, customize its allowed actions and specify the data to be displayed for the end user. Our features extend to not only general forms level control, but also on fields level, Gauge users will be able to control the fields’ labels, sizes, set certain encryptions along with many others features.
  • We have managed to overcome many acknowledged ERP systems errors regarding the most important modules in an organization – general and specific reports. Gauge makes sure to print the most precise reports by providing various filters on each form, in order to guarantee the most accurate and fault-free reports.
  • Organizations infrastructure nowadays require the support of critical business processes, in response; Gauge has developed a flexible and customizable workflow, which allows transactions to go smoothly and direct them to its specific organizational units, by integrating forms and authorities to certain users, through special security features.
  • We made sure to obtain the most ERP innovative and advanced behaviours and apply professional business approaches by developing a well-organized structured workflow best known for data base owners.
  • Professionalism in data cleansing and data cashing.
  • Gauge is considered an interfaced independent system, in which it supports any two languages simultaneously, one is considered the local language and the other is the foreign. Users have the ability to change the language facilely and system makes sure to indicate which language is currently in use.
  • We assure tracking all transactions efficiently in real time and sharing them through functions across a common database, where business planning, decisions, and methods are fully supported.
  • Gauge is considered, by all aspects, a unique data base independent system, it has been developed by java level, which will grant high speed, light web based infrastructure, supported by both Gauge engineers and researchers, we made sure to manipulate the interface to act look alike even when you are running using browsers.
  • We have developed an open system to interact effectively with other solutions, applications, social websites and various tools. Gauge will support XML to facilitate usage to other systems and applications integrations.
  • Gauge supports Data Migration, in which it is powered by data immigrated scripts and routine from any data format to be transferred into the organization’s data base, on the other hand, Gauge can export data by any format upon customers’ needs and requirements. (export and import).
  • There are different aspects of using Links in Gauge; Ordering, picking, aspects, and control aspects.
  • Gauge offers a Friendly Use Interface, we made sure to apply a functional process control away from the ERP triggering issues and division complications, the only interface will be task management.
  • One of the main features we have in Gauge is our significant alpha numeric coding style. Gauge provide a high level coding style formation system, user will be able to control the code of each and every form in the system, whether the user want to add the code manually or leave it to the system to auto generate it depending on the previous records and tractions. Gauge has developed a form to control this important and critical aspect of any ERP system.

• Boost innovative software solution boost competitiveness within organization.
• Customer Satisfaction
• Deliver what is promised
• Profound know how
• Methodologies and standards
• Constant research
• Strategic partnerships and alliances
• Market experience
• Sustained growth
• Providing our employees with meaningful work and advancement opportunities.
• Improving communication and data exchange (Business to Business);

Success Factors
• Specialized firm
• Proven solutions
• Knowledge of local market requirements along with global market trends
• Highly experienced with world class standards and methods
• Accredited in QC100 - TQM
• Accredited in BCMS ( ISO 22301 )
• Knowledge of IT and operational environments
• Knowledge of security best practices (ISO17799, BS7799, ISS, etc.)
• Strong expertise in program and project management
• Project communication is based on partnership & transparency
• Interactive education and skill transfer
• Surrounding business community with training programs to all levels (management, users, technical)
• Profound technical know-how
• Best-of-breed technology
• Best post implementation support services.
• Have operational experience across industries. Deep & wide market experience with thought leadership. Have operational experience across industries


  • Complete the ERP Project on time • Reduce the Project Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Realize more tangible Return on Investment (ROI) • Help organization improve & develop business through ERP
  • Reduce Risks involved in the Project
  • Get client-ready in terms of Organization, People, Process, System
  • Draft the Project Roadmap & Goals • Set the right ERP Project Budget • Identify Key ERP Business Requirements.

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